April 4th - El Paso, Texas

A rest day!

Kenny and DeeAnne are treating us to true Texan hospitality - plenty of fine food and drink! The morning started with a walk along the bank of the Rio Grande, which is just a couple of hundred yards from their house.

They are within yards of the New Mexico state line and also very close to the Mexican border which is on the south side of the Rio Grande. Following the walk we had a great cooked breakfast to set us up for the day.

Bob and I took our cars to the local car wash to wash the dirt off that we have accumulated during the past week during more than 2,000 miles of driving.

Kenny who is a very experienced pilot, and has flown all over the United States and the Caribbean, asked if we would like to take a short flight over El Paso. Bob, Thelma and myself said yes, and off we drove to the local airport where Kenny keeps his Cessna single engine plane.

Much to our surprise he asked if anyone would like to pilot the plane, under his guidance, and Bob took him up on his offer. The picture below is of Kenny and Bob at the controls of the Cessna.

We took off and flew for about an hour along the border with Mexico. The Rio Grande is the border, dividing the towns of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. I took the photo below of Downtown El Paso with the bridge crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico in the centre and Ciudad Juarez in the background.

It was a great way to see the area and Bob handled the plane excellently, even bringing it into land.
Following the flight we returned to the house and we all went shopping and sightseeing in El Paso. El Paso is renowned for its cowboy boots and we saw them being made at Rocketbusters, a famous maker. They can cost thousands of dollars and seeing how much work went into making them I can see why.

A light lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then the short drive back. This evening Ernie is cooking us all a meal. Tomorrow is the longest drive of the tour, nearly 600 miles to San Antonio and the hospitality of another great rally friend, Ahmad Fakhr.

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