California and nearly ready to go.

We arrived in California on the 19th March and have spent the last few days getting ourselves over the 7 hours of jet-lag, as well as checking the car over and making sure we have all the spares and equipment we need, not only for the trip across the States, but also for the tour of India in October.

Bob and Thelma arrive this evening from London and we will have three days here in California before we head for Arizona next Tuesday.

Yesterday I went to the local (Santa Monica) AAA offices (Triple A as the Americans call their auto club) to discuss the route and see what help they could give us for the trip. I came away with a detailed route itinerary as well as guide books for all the states we will be driving through. Three carrier bags in total!!

The weather here is simply glorious after a couple of cloudy days, and one rainy day.

The evening sky just after the sun had set looking out over a calm Pacific Ocean at Malibu, California

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