April 1st - Vail/Aspen, Colorado

Well, today was the first day when Bob and I didn't drive. Leejun kindly offered to take us all in her Chevy Suburban to Aspen which is about 100 miles to the east of Vail.

We left the house just after 10am and arrived in Aspen just before noon. On the way we passed Aspen airport which is an interesting sight because of all the executive jets parked there. Aspen is one of the number one spots for the super rich.

The town itself is different from Vail in that it is laid out like most US towns, with wide roads running parallel to each other. Vail on the other hand is squeezed between I170 and the mountains and is much more like a European ski resort.

Below is a photo of one of Aspen's multi-million dollar homes.

Aspen has many expensive shops selling jewellery, glassware, furs and even fossils and meteorites! I mention the last two because we found a shop selling these and I bought a meteorite that came from Argentina and Bob bought an Ammonite that came from Russia! Hardly souvenirs of Colorado but memorable all the same.

A good snack lunch and a bit more shopping and then we drove the 100 miles back to to the house.
Beautiful sunny weather in both directions and a chance when we arrived back to take some photos of the house and the surrounding mountains.

This evening we are heading into Vail for a farewell dinner with Leejun to thank her for a wonderful stay.

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